About me


Professional designer and producer who delivers full range of creative educational toys for children, home appliances, food packaging, and promotional gift products for various brands

With about 10 years of manufacturing experience, Green Herbal owns qualified systems of production plants, high technology machinery, modern production process and management system of ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

In September 2019, we held inauguration ceremony for a plastic production 10 factory that meets ISO 22000, ISO15378 standard in Long An province.

Vision and Mission

With ambition to be pioneer and sustainable investment – development strategy, Green Herbal strives to become a leading multi-business corporation in Viet Nam with great reputation and strong position in the market. Our goal is to successfully build high class products and services, improve life quality for Vietnamese and improve reputation of Vietnamese brands on international market.

“Towards a better life for Vietnamese”

– Provide solutions to bring effective business and impressive trademarks for brands through innovative products
– Supply products that benefit for Vietnamese’ health and mind
– Caring for life quality of all team members in our company

Core values


TRUST: We put TRUST at top priority, take it as competitive advantage and protect this value as protecting our own honor.

DEVOTION : Respect and always put customers first, prioritize customers’ needs and benefits; put our best effort in bringing customers the most perfect products and services; use customers’ satisfaction as an indicator for success.

CREATIVITY: We value creativity as driver for development to create difference and uniqueness for each product – services package.

TALENT: Put together talented people to create high class product – services; ensure all members can enjoy best quality of life and help to build an elite society.

PEOPLE: Build strong relationship with customers, partners and teammates with good will, kindness and humanity.


Produce and develop food and pharmaceutical packaging, with other products to improve quality and reliability, the safety of use, in accordance with statutory requirements.

  1. Improve the working environment, ensure the implementation of activities on the principle of preventing and minimizing damage to people, property, natural resources, and adverse impacts on the environment.
  2. Comply with laws and other requirements related to the company’s products and environmental aspects.

  3. Regularly update information and technology, improve management systems and services to meet customer expectations.

  4. Ensure workers are trained with management systems related to quality, safety, and environment.

  5. Communicate this policy throughout the organization and stakeholders.


Work in harmony and honesty: and take responsibility in all cases to avoid conflicts and negative conversations among team members and leaders

Always keep learning and
improving yourselves with
new ideas on technologies
and solutions

Set no boundary for being
innovative in all tasks

Management of risks, uncertainties and opportunities on projects

Be respectful, follow your
leaders and listen to your team

Aim for common goal of
achieving plan, reaching KPIs
and knowing keys to success