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The Raincoat

In Vietnam - a country has monsoon climate, especially in the rainy seasons, everyone has to often prepare raincoats for preventing from sudden rains. Therefore, many organizations and companies have ordered for raincoat design for delivering the best items to customers as a thankful gift.




Besides, advertisement by raincoats is really an efficient and economical way. If customers of one company wear raincoats printed their logo and slogan on it when moving on the street, it will contribute to free advertisement for this company everywhere.

Understand clearly that the demand, Green Herbal has expanded to research and invest in manufacturing and designing high-end raincoats. With our many experience years in raincoat design, the products which our company desires are premium, useable and fashionable raincoats.

Green Herbal applies a modern process in raincoat production and raincoat design. Along with various designs, we always attempt to meet all the extensive demands of customers. Finally, our raincoats are also uniquely designed in durability and easy to fold.