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Printing on any materials

Green Herbal Corp is the leading enterprise in the field of printing and designing for marketing in Ho Chi Minh city. Green Herbal has served for more than 200 large and small customers belonging to most of business sectors.



For printing products, many customers have always wondered how to get the most qualitative and effective products. The following reasons will help you be certain that selecting Green Herbal is reasonable decision.


Green Herbal Corp has all the strengths of the experience, human resource, technology and innovation in the printing and designing for marketing field:

- A team with over 40 personnel are trained to innovate and make products directly which are guaranteed in terms of both contents and ideas.
- Modern equipment and advanced printing technology are used to produce high-quality, durable and sharp products with nice colors.
- The closed process of designing and printing is accredited by international standards.


By the quality of products, Green Herbal has created high brand and trustworthy prestige which attract more and more customers in almost fields.