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Handbook is a user-friendly item not only using in the daily work but also benefitting as gifts for customers and partners on the occasions of anniversaries, events or promotions. Designing handbooks which brings your own company’s specific characteristics can build up a professional level.

Green Herbal with strengths in the printing and designing industry specializes in providing premium gift products and services to business including handbooks and designing handbooks as well. Green Herbal always offers the high-quality and nice products. Besides, the company provides a wide range of handbooks’ designs and sizes to facilitate customers to choose the most seemly one.



Moreover, Green Herbal offers a variety of categories for designing handbooks such as work books or note books. These products have the cuffed necks and springs which are sewed and sticked into the books on demand and on the types of cover materials such as leather, PU, simili, cardboard, etc.

You will see the differences from the high-quality papers to the unique designed covers on the outside. It’s certain that the enthusiastic and creative design team with the professional delivery service will satisfy the most fastidious customers.