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Design the types of packing

Packing today not only is the objects used to contain and preserve products but also gradually become an indispensable tool in branding for products and corporates. Packing is the face of products. Through the shape, pattern, design of the packing, the customers can know the professionalism of companies and the specialty of products.



In addition, the products following with a unique packing will pay more attention to the customers because of its usability. Because the customers can take advantages it to hold other small things in a beautiful packing particularly designed according to company’s requirements. Thus, the company's brand can be presented everywhere in the footsteps of the customers without spending any additional cost. Therefore, it is extremely important for printing the quality packing.


Recognizing that demand, our company, Green Herbal has designed, improved and printed the packing continually with plentiful and diverse designs. Moreover, with many experience years in printing as well as with our seniority in working for large enterprises, we believe that we can bring good and quality products for customers.