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Design for marketing publications

Modern technology and the innovative and unique designs always come together for the success of printing products. The first stage in shaping form of a product is designing phase; therefore the design plays a huge role to make the success of the products. Impressive designs help to bring milestones which remind the customers about the company’s brand.



Packaging, name cards, posters, brochures, etc. are the products conveying information to consumers directly; so the more efficient the design is, the more easily the customers identify the business brand. Thus, the designs which combine between breaking the old order and maintaining the elegance are essential to develop a brand identity system for the company. Green Herbal Corp hopes to become a agency which makes up your company’s desire.


Green Herbal Corp. has a professional team with creative, young and dynamic designers. We encourage the employees to find out products that are unique and unheard-of to create the highly effective brand identity in building brand for business. Our consultant team will learn about your industries characteristics, products and target customers for making designs more smoothly and meritoriously. The products are handily designed as well as the high quality of printing technology will lead your company to success.