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Calendar Design

At the end of the year, calendar design is a priority task for enterprises to deliver gifts to customers, partners and their own employees. The calendars which are beautifully and uniquely designed implicates for a new year with luck, prosperity and thriving. Calendar is also convenient for arranging jobs in the next year. That is the reason for Green Herbal introduces the high - quality calendar designs for business.


To get the meaningful gifts and have efficiency in advertisement, calendars design must have creativeness and ensure high quality. Green Herbal is designing and providing some kind of products for companies such as calendars for desktop, wall-calendars, calendar blocks, etc. To ensure the exclusivity (unique calendar for the customers), Green Herbal also assumes the role as consulting and designing at the requests of the customers.


 The customers will be completely assured about the quality and designs. The calendars are printed on materials such as papers, plastics, woods, etc. and designed by the latest technology with sharp colors and high durability.


Currently, Green Herbal has developed a new product line for calendar design.  That is the traditional designs with creativeness and innovation which make the beautiful and unique calendars.


Please contact us for our team can support you with the best effort.