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The Raincoat

In Vietnam - a country has monsoon climate, especially in the rainy seasons, everyone has to often prepare raincoats for preventing from sudden rains.

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Design for marketing publications

Modern technology and the innovative and unique designs always come together for the success of printing products. The first stage in shaping form of a product is designing phase;


Constructing for advertising projects.

It can not deny the importance of advertising in marketing campaigns at present and constructing for advertising is an obligatory element.

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Calendar Design

At the end of the year, calendar design is a priority task for enterprises to deliver gifts to customers, partners and their own employees.

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Printing on any materials

Green Herbal Corp is the leading enterprise in the field of printing and designing for marketing in Ho Chi Minh city. Green Herbal has served for more than 200 large and small customers belonging to most of business sectors.

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Design the types of packing

Packing today not only is the objects used to contain and preserve products but also gradually become an indispensable tool in branding for products and corporates.

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Design for the brand identity

Key: Design for the brand identity How can we design for the brand identity professionally?

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Creative Design

For the success of a product, the print comes with modern technology in the innovative design and unique. The first stage in the formation of a product is the design phase, so the design plays a huge role in the success of the product.

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Handbook is a user-friendly item not only using in the daily work but also benefitting as gifts for customers and partners on the occasions of anniversaries, events or promotions. Designing handbooks which brings your own company’s specific characteristics can build up a professional level.