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The clock

The clock is a luxurious and valuable gift to remind the recipients how they should appreciate the time. Clock gifts are suitable for both junior and senior customers because of its significance and worth.


For business, employees can work on time and complete the tasks on schedule if there is a horologe or a clock to remind them frequently. Besides, if the clock can reflect the brand of business, it will bring a sense of professionalism and high – class level in the eyes of employees.


Understanding that requirement and desire, Green Herbal has focused on researching and developing many types of designs for the high quality and numerous clocks with rational prices such as wall clocks , desk clocks, watches, etc. Moreover, Green Herbal has experienced in working with many prestigious companies in this field.


Not only making a symbolic denotation for business, the clock gifts will also encourage customers’ loyalty. Luxury, high – class level and meaningfulness are the goals which Green Herbal would like bring to the customers.

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