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Outdoor toys for kindergartens

Green Herbal Corp Company specializes in importing kids’ outdoor toys and supplying it for kindergartens, children's houses, amusement parks across the country. Our products are designed with many new and unique patterns that are consistent with psychological, physical and intellectual development of Vietnamese children.

To ensure that children enjoy themselves but still remain safe, Green Herbal Corp. has imported outdoor toys with the high quality following the international standards. All products are tested and licensed before putting into circulation. In addition, we also assist our customers to conduct surveys, consult and design products in accordance with environmental conditions and durability of the external environment.

Green Herbal Corp. is towards to the products which can help children play comfortably, increase the ability of developing bones and muscles, improve circulatory system and put up the ability to respond quickly when exercising. Through outdoor toys, we wish Vietnamese children generation will be more active and more healthy. Hence, it is also our mission to provide products with the best quality for customers.

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