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IQ Toy

IQ toy is a kind of toy founded in almost Preschools and Elementary Schools. With its smart designs, the educational toys help children develop maximum their intelligence and creative ability.

During the period of brain development, children extremely need special equipment to incite their imagination, mathematics and art ability.  Researchers have developed various kinds of toys to meet that demands for children. With children, when they play that means they are studying; when they apply senses or develop active skills through games that mean they are learning.

With the hopes that we can contribute to the future of Vietnam’s children pedigree, Green Herbal has confidently invested in manufacturing and importing IQ toys. Green Herbal has based on researches about children psychology and their thought to design and produce the most suitable IQ toys. All our products are tested for safety level and stamped in accordance with the requirements of the safety standards which follow the legislation.

Please contact Green Herbal for consulting in a prompt way.