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How do you think if your customers use products on which are printed your company’s logo? As a result, those customers are promoting your company for free.


According to consumers’ psychology, everyone would like to receive practical gifts, especially the familiar domestic appliances. To satisfy that taste, Green Herbal provides high quality domestic appliances’ gifts with various designs such as teapot and cup set, glass, bowl, vase, etc. They are used as a gift for business to sale up or to thank to customers.


With many experience years in researching and investigating new way of production, Green Herbal had specialized in high-end domestic appliances’ gifts. They are not only high-quality but also durable and constant as the relationship between your company and customers. In addition, the reasonable price is an important element.


Let’s say that when your customers have guests visited their home, they invite visitors with a teapot and cup set in which has your company’s logo and slogan, what will happen? Certainly, professionalism and prestige of company will be appreciated from the very smallest products. Moreover, through our experience of working with many leading companies, Green Herbal is also confident in delivering to customers the best products.

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