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You are a company?


You would like to be grateful and make an impression to your clients or your partners?
Gifts for anniversary, event organization or promotional gifts are definitely the best ways for your company to turn the desire into reality. Green Herbal Corp. offers you unique gift products, exclusively designed for your company.


In addition to self-produced items, Green Herbal Corp. is also one of the first companies in Vietnam for trading in innovative and unique gifts, pioneered in the import of new gifts across the world to introduce to our customers in Vietnam.


We are aware that a small gift can generate a tremendous value to your company, so every detail is clearly ensured in a perfect way. Green Herbal Corp. has served thousands of orders to the hands of our customers. We always searching for the way to improve and provide the best service to our customers.

Unique gifts will convey unforgettable feelings to the recipient. Thus, the recipient will never forget the gift and they are willing to give the best feelings to the giver.


Green Herb offers unique gift solution with high quality to your business. Typically, unique gifts are used to serve following purposes:


- Unique gifts in the important occasions.

- Promotional Gifts.

- Charity, social activities.


Beyond the external beauty, quality requirements of the gift is also ensured. Please contact Green Herb today for immediate and professional advice.