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An than duong nao

Price: 130.000 VNĐ | Orders

Nowaday, pressures of modern society makes people mentally and physically tired. Subjective the subjective reasons are weaknesses in personality and psychological qualities in people who physically inferior, weak self-deprecating personality, or psychological stress, introverted ...  The ojective reasons are strong and constant mental stimulations in life, substance abuse such as alcohol, beer, coffee, tobacco or medicines; too much and prolonged intellectual labor. this prolonged situation leads to the symptoms of concentration, memory loss, human homeostasis disorders, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sensitivity to stimuli inside and outside, or thoughts gush, insomnia, trouble sleeping.


To improve this situation, An than duong nao including ingredients have the following effects:

     - Panax pseudo – ginseng belongs to Araliaceae family. Bud of Panax pseudo – ginseng has bitter and sweet in taste, warm, acts on two chanels: liver and kidney, help activating blood, nurishing blood, hemostatic, pounding melancholy, inhibiting swell, reducing pain. Bud of Panax pseudo – ginseng contains the highest concentration of saponin (12%) in the plant. Saponin decides of the grade of Panax... Noto ginsenosid in Panax pseudo – ginseng has the effect of protecting the heart against cardiac arrhythmias causing agents; vasodilation, preventing atherosclerosis and increasing the stamina of the body when lack of oxygen (to avoid fanting when loss of blood), inhibiting of permeability of the capillary, restricting cortical lesions caused by ischemia. Panax pseudo – ginseng also reduces state of depression,  real-time of mental stimulation so helps appetite, better sleep, increased body weight.

     - Passiflora foetida - Passifloraceae, has sweet, slight bitter, cool, has effect sedation, clearing away heat, cooling the liver, treat nervous, mental depression, insomnia. Effect of reducing the activity of white mice which is stimulated by cafein and prolonged by hexobarbital was proved by the effect of total alkaloid extracted from Passiflora foetida.

     - Ginkgo biloba belongs to Ginkgoaceae family. Ginkgo biloba leaf extract is used in modern medicine to treat symptoms of cerebral circulatory insufficiency with mild to moderate symptoms such as memory loss, concentration disorders, mood depression, drowsiness face, tinnitus and headache. Ginkgo biloba contains bilobalid and ginkgolid, protects brain against brain tissue damage caused by hypoxia of breathing air into in vitro.  In many studies on white rats, Ginkgo biloba has good effect on acute cerebral infarction or cerebral ischemia caused by local congestion.

     - Ganoderma lucidus – belongs to Ganodermataceae family. Ganoderma is used in popular experience to treat depression, dizziness, insomnia. Germanium in Ganoderma lucidus helps circulation of blood, cells absorb oxygen better.  Clinically, Ganoderma has effect of improving memory, help sighted. It is also used as a tonic.

     - Vitamin B1: Vitamin B1 is the first vitamin which was identified by Funk in 1910. Vitamin B1 involves in several biochemical reactions and is essential in metabolizing sugar. After absorbed in the small intestine and duodenum, vitamin B1 is transported to the liver where it is transferred to the active form associated with Phosphorus. Then it's back in the blood for distribution throughout the body. Reserves of Vitamin B1 in the tissues is very weak and depends on the amount of Vitamin B1 supplements into the body. Vitamin B1 involves in several enzyme reactions, particularly in the metabolism of glucose from glucid. Vitamin B1 is essential for the growth and physical development. Vitamin B1 affects the function of nerve tissue depend on glucose. In addition, it also serves as transport and nerve cells involved in fat synthesis. It works to improve the mental state, make all tired brain, enhance memory. Vitamin B1 deficiency can lead to fatigue, anorexia, apathy, nerve damage, and mental disorders can affect the heart.


     - Vitamin B6:  Vitamin B6 is water soluble vitamin. It regulates digestion, absorption of protein and lipids, which helps metabolize the essential amino acid tryptophan into niacin (vitamin B3), prevent skin diseases, promote the nucleic acid, anti-agingorgans in the body. Vitamin B6 is required for synthesis of neurotransmitters and enzymes essential for the brain. The lack of vitamin B6 can lead to psychological disorders. Combined with Mg, vitamin B6 increases the ability to learn behaviors and skills in eye contact and reduce excessive excitementof the nervous system.





Each capsule contains:

- Panax pseudo – ginseng buds extract - 100 mg.

- Passiflora foetida extract - 100 mg.

- Ginkgo biloba leafs extract - 60mg.

- Ganoderma lucidus extract - 50mg.

- Vitamin B1 - 1.5mg.

- Vitamin B12 - 2 mcg.



- Helping nourish the heart, sedation, reducing: headache, fatigue, poor diet, palpitations, unstable heart rate, memory impaired symptoms.

- Helping get deep sleep, reducing dreaming, disrupted sleep symptoms.

- Preventing and suppporting  treatment of cerebral vascular, cerebral circulatory insufficiency, tinnitus, dizziness, poor concentration.



- Take twice daily, 2 capsules each time.

- Use 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after meals.

This product should be continually used from 3 to 6 months for the best result.


STORAGE: Keep in a cool, dry place; protected from direct sunlight.