Over 2500 years ago, The Buddha taught that “The greatest asset in human life is health and wisdom”. After 2500 years,  the values of his teachings remain the same and make sure that teaching will remain true forever.

Health and wisdom: the two biggest assets of human

Why the biggest asset in life is health and wisdom? Health helps people work to earn a living and enjoy life. Wisdom helps people to create and enrich the society and for the love to be complete.

Founded in 2011, Herbal Green is one of the leading companies providing functional foods and traditional medicine bring health to millions of people across the country in order to bring new sources of vitality for Vietnamese. Besides, Herbal Green is Vietnam's leading company in the field of design - printing - professional marketing. It is expected that by 2020, Green Herbal will become a leading enterprise in Southeast Asia with a growing international market share.

Quality Policy

Green Herbal is completely different from other enterprises in the same industry. Strict quality policy and high-quality manpower have contributed to Green Herbal success with more superior quality products than the others in the market .

High - quality products are the key factor to bring satisfaction to customers and success to Green Herbal.


Green Herbal commits :

- Providing high-quality supplement dietary: quality of products with modern manufacturing processes are strictly managed in accordance with GMP standards and the Vietnamese legislation.

- A Green Herbal’s employee - a quality manager: Every employee at Green Herbal commits to comply with strict regulations on labor safety, hygiene in manufacturing and other regulations.

- The quality of printing and designing marketing: Green Herbal uses the high-ranking technology which is imported from the foreign country for designing and printing. Green Herbal‘s printing products perfectly meet the resolution standards, durability and aesthetics.

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